Online Submission procedures

  1. 1. An announcement will be on the website of the ministry of education, school website and the school Facebook page in order to receive applications at the beginning of Feb. of each year till 28th Feb according to the ministry of education instructions.
  2. 2. The announcement includes application condition for PYP 2 which is the minimum age is four years at first of October according to the Egyptian's ministry of education instructions and the vision impaired are accepted according to the inclusion policy at school.
  3. 3. After receiving applications, the school will announce the exact dates for acceptance tests of the same year.
  4. 4. A final list of numbers and names of students applying for the first stage of kindergarten (PYP2) is prepared and sent to the sponsoring institution.
  5. 5. Name list of teachers and technicians, who are responsible for monitoring the implementation of the test, is prepared.
  6. 6. The sponsoring institution divides the students into groups and sends their names to the Egyptian International School.
  7. 7. The sponsoring institution sends the testing mechanism as well as the parent approval formula of the test online.
  8. 8. Name list of technicians, who are responsible for implementing the test mechanism and solving any technical problem, is prepared.
  9. 9. Google form is the used platform in the test.
  10. 10. On the test day, the sponsoring institution divides the test into parts and sends each part to the technical support team at the Egyptian International School no later than ten minutes before the beginning of each question.
  11. 11. The test will be divided into parts and each part will be sent to the parents on time.
  12. 12. The parents send a video of each part of the exam within an hour during the different parts of the test.
  13. 13. The school activates a feature of not receiving any video after the scheduled date, as well as not receiving more than one video for each part of the test.
  14. 14. Teachers of both the Egyptian International School and the sponsoring institution correct the tests using specific criteria that are shared with them.
  15. 15. The sponsoring institution reviews the correction process and takes the average score for each student.
  16. 16. The Egyptian International School is informed of the names of the accepted students whose parents will be interviewed by the sponsoring institution.
  17. 17. Set up committees for parents' interviews, each committee consists of two persons, one from the sponsoring institution and the other from the Egyptian International School.
  18. 18. Interviews for the selected parents will be held on the scheduled dates using Zoom meetings app.
  19. 19. The committees send the results to the sponsoring institution to filter the final results.
  20. 20. The student's score in the tests is added to the score obtained by the parent in the interview and then a list is made according to the students' total score by the sponsoring institution.
  21. 21. The list of the accepted students will be sent to the Egyptian International School and a waiting list will be provided in case an apology from an accepted student is received.
  22. 22. A list of the accepted students will be announced in the school and on the same previous official sites.
  23. 23. Fees will be paid at the school bank account according to the previous lists.
  24. 24. In case of any vacancies, the waiting lists will be reviewed.
  25. 25. The school will not accept any students out of the waiting list.
  26. 26. The academic school year starts in September.